Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Claire's Mellow/Crazy

 Happy Election day!  Don't forget to vote if you can!

The cool thing about going through all your old pictures that you never posted, is you get to find polishes you forgot about.  Lol  The last time I posted one of Claire's color change polishes was in November of 2010.  Well here I am 2 years later posting another color change polish from Claire's.  :)  Today I have for you Mellow/Crazy:

If this one followed the same as it's counterparts, below is three coats with no top coat in it's normally seen state:

This is how my nails looked most of the time when I wore this polish.  Love the perfect tipped manicure look!

Below is Mellow/Crazy after warm water is applied:

Pretty in pink!

But when cold, you get the soft lilac color shown below:

Below is a Mellow/Crazy side-by-side comparison.  I just dipped every other nail in warm water to show the difference:

The colors of Mellow/Crazy are so soft compared to Calm/Wild.  I think I like these more.  :)

Tune in tomorrow for this week's third polish.

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